Add ATHEL - Price is on coingecko


Please add

Token: GLf2qPQujNBpLCuvYjCgkHzo1Muqep78vq3FgYq8jvrm

When I go to:

I get redirected to:

GLf2qPQujNBpLCuvYjCgkHzo1Muqep78vq3FgYq8jvrm is the correct token adress.

Thank you

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Hi there
Historical price data for $ATHEL is unfortunately not available from Coingecko API.

The “Onchain” API endpoints that are related to Geckoterminal are separate, and I believe they don’t provide price history data.

Although I’m not 100% sure what the exact reason is, so I will ask the lead dev and get back to you

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