Add $PLS for Pluse Chain

Please add $PLS of Pulse Chain to the database.

“Missing Market Price” will be displayed for all $PLS prices.

The token from your screenshot is probably using a different contract address that is not in our database. I can’t find out what the contract address is from this screenshot alone.
But you can look it up by opening the transaction details and clicking the block explorer link

Then we can add the contract address

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As you indicated, I have looked for the $PLS contract address and can’t find it…
I am having trouble finding the $PLS contract address even after checking the transaction details.


The same is true when I check other transactions.

The $PLS appears to be a special token as it is not even listed in the “Tokens” list.

How should I handle cases like this?

Hmm, well I’m going to have to check your account directly to see what’s going on. You will have to contact support chat so we can do that

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I would like to report one thing I have found out.
The $PLS price data on CoinGecko is after May 18, 2023 and my $PLS transaction was before May 10, 2023.

Perhaps this is the cause.
Therefore, you do not need to investigate.
Thank you for your time.

Ah yes, I didn’t think of checking that. I guess the date seemed quite recent to me. I assumed it was already listed then

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