Add SafeCoin (SAFE)

Hi there,

would it be possible to add SafeCoin (SAFE) which is traded on You can find info on the coin here: SafeCoin (SAFE) Kurs, Grafiken, Marktkapitalisierung | CoinMarketCap and here: It’s the first community project of Solana and supposedly the most energy-efficient blockchain in the world.


Hi Marcus,

We have added SafeCoin to our database now, but SafeCoin is also a separate blockchain. Did you ask if we could add API integration with the blockchain? It looks like no API service exist yet, and the block explorer page is rather simple without much information:

Can you check if you are able to export a CSV file of the transactions from your wallet? If so, we can add support for this file format first.

There is also an exchange SafeTrade - SafeTrade
API is not supported yet, but if you have traded on this exchange then please check if you can export your transactions as a CSV or XLSX file.