Add support for Stacks (Bitcoin Defi)

One of the major new narratives this cycle is Defi on Bitcoin. Bitcoin Defi with STACKS/STX works impressively, and bridges to native BTC and to EVM wallets. It will be great for Coinpanda users to be able to use this protocol. With Stacks comes some of the most impressive exchanges and other projects in Bitcoin Defi: Alex Labs, Arkadiko and others.

Defillama data: (atm $75m TVL).

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Hi Ursa
Sorry for the delay

I think we should be able to track this already via our existing API integrations for BTC and EVM.

Though we might have to make specific adjustments to determine how the transactions from this protocol are handled exactly. The challenge with Defi is identifying which transactions are related to each other, which might require several updates

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