Add way to create API token/expand api

How about adding API possibilities?

To create and use a API key you would need to have a active subscription for current year.

Most of current API could be used, just need better ways to fetch updated calculated data.
So if we add a api to check if calculation is running, and option to filter based on timestamp on calculated, then it would be easy to fetch only transactionsID updated.

This would lock/bring more customers into Coinpanda long time before taxes needed to done, since they want to start checking/fix earlies with community built tools.

In theory this would bring development cost down, since some stuff would be community built.
You would also see features you should bring into main application/site.

Ideas to api, as a starter.

  • Filter based last modified calculated date. This would save a lot of request not needed when making edits, would need a ways way to check if last calculation run, to see if we should fetch data.
  • Option to get more meta data in 1 request, like wallet address ++
  • Add additional id based on data using md5, so its easily to compare data if you need to delete transactions/reimport.
  • Add bulk updates based on the normal transaction id you have.
  • Add option for partial update, so set comment with custom comment and transactionID array

Later maybe option to add custom could/custom tags etc