Address bok for wallets/type of wallet

Would have been nice to be able to tag some wallets and set type
Like store name and set all transaction sent to this wallet to be purchase. And everything recived as income/airdrop or similar.

Ive heared about feature to link transactions, anything new here?

Are you looking for a way to edit the transactions? If you tap the three dots at the far right you should be able to edit the transactions as well as change the label / tag for the transaction as well.

Also, when importing a wallet via API if you tap “Advanced Settings” it usually allows you to tag all receiving or incoming transactions.

hi Im missing a way to label wallet addresses Ive sent to
This could be a friend/store etc
So setting a label to wallet I can see in the list would help me tag something if its cost/income/donation etc

I would also see errors better

Even better if we could set type of wallet, value you could use to determine tax

If we set it to a “store” the everything sent to it is a purchase, and everything we get back is “reward”
important we can tag it as a refund if nessessary.

We could also tag addresses to be staking pools, tag 1.

Fixing manually 1 and 1 transactions is very time consuming and error prone

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This is actually a very good suggestion and I like it a lot. We definitely need some time to brainstorm different ideas since I believe it makes most sense to create a separate page for this where you can manage your “address book”.

Added this to our roadmap now and will post any updates later.

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Roadmap updated here now:

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Please include contract addesses also here, this can be used to solve “bonds” buys/claims in ohm forks.

Think there should also be a coin address page, so we can tag shit coins in one place.
This page could also have suggestions on shit coins.
Should show a warning if coin have sent transactions not just received transactions.

The coin page could eventually be expanded to request coin additions bu adding inn coin gecko url and coin api id. So its easier for you to just approve.
Could add a voting system too here

We will be adding a feature soon where users can add coins based on the contract address instead of pulling the information from Coingecko,