All my wallets and transactions disappeared

Hello, yesterday i login as usual using the Coinbase button but the system prompted me to create another account.

I contacted support and they wrote me this:

“This should be fixed now. Sorry about that. We just pushed a new update to the site today and there are some bugs we’re working out now to confirm everything is running smoothly. We spotted this error around the same time you emailed us. Can you try again now and it should be fixed. Your account data and any paid tax plans you may have purchased are not lost.

i am still unable to see anything previously added in my account, which appears empty still.

Can please someone help with this?
Thank you

Hi there
Something about the Coinbase authentication pipeline needs to be re-implemented. It should be fixed some time within the next 24 hours

We had a small technical issue with the Coinbase login after launching our new site as Ruben mentioned.

It has been fixed now :slight_smile: Apologies for the confusion and inconvenience this caused!