Astar Network

Please support Astar Network and Astar Network(EVM).
Do you have plan now?
Thank you.

Hi there,
We will definitely be adding support for Astar. I will have a timeline when the devs have examined the API

Hi @ooki_denki !

We did in fact add API integration with Astar last month. So far we have only added support for the Polkadot Parachain.

We are not aware of an Astar EVM chain, but if you can provide us with a link to the block explorer, we will check if it’s possible to support the EVM chain also!

thank you for reply.

Astar EVM chain infomation is below

Network: Astar Mainnet


chain ID: 592

Symbol: ASTR

explorer URL:

thank you!

Hi @ooki_denki !

We just did some research regarding the EVM chain and we can add support for it, but the API is currently having some issues and returns an error message. We will add support in the coming days but we don’t know when/if the persons responsible for the EVM block explorer will fix the API issues.

Will post an update when the integration is done from our side.
PS: You will need to create a new wallet and select “Astar (EVM)” since this is a separate blockchain from the Polkadot ecosystem chain.