Beta Access

Beta access is required. For Aptos wallet import.


The availability of beta access is dependent on the development process for each API. If you reach out to us on the live chat once logged in, then I will tag your account so we can notify you as soon as it becomes available.

It’s hard to give an exact timeline for this because the difficulty of a particular API integration can vary dramatically. At this stage, it is not clear if this is a matter of a few weeks, or perhaps a month or longer. It depends on what kind of issues the API presents and how complicated it will be for us to find workarounds for any limitations if any.Beta access will open up when the accuracy of the sync passes 90%, at which we will notify all the people who’ve requested access. We’ve found that anything before 90% is just too inaccurate to be of any use, and would require too much manual input.What I would recommend for now is to upload a CSV or XLSX file with your transactions if you are able to export that.


Beta access for Bitforex API