Binance etc (and captcha problems in the support section)

My 800-transaction binance csv file loads but I only see 29 transactions on coinpanda. Also the standard ledgers.csv to add transfers on binance doesn’t load at all (neither do the bitbuy or coinberry csvs). Thoughts? - Thanks, R (PS your captcha also does not work!)

Hi there, and apologies for the very late response…!

How many transactions will be imported will depend on which Binance CSV file you have imported. We currently support over 20 different CSV files from Binance, so without knowing the exact file, it’s difficult to say what’s going on.

What I can say that is for many CSV files, we will merge multiple rows into single transactions. We do this for many transaction types such as trades, fees, funding payments etc. This means that just because you see fewer transactions imported than rows in the file doesn’t necessarily mean there is an issue.

PS! The captcha issue is actually an issue with the third-party customer support provider we are using (Freshdesk). We have tried to get them to fix this for a long time, but it seems to affect only very few users. It probably happens because their captcha setting is too strict.