Bitpanda BEST fees from API


I have been using your software for a while and I am very happy so far. I have noticed that BEST fees from Bitpanda are imported as separate Send transactions (both API and file upload). Is it a specific reason for this? Would it be possible to save the fee as fee directly instead?


Hi there!

The short answer is that we are aware of this and checking this in more detail is on our to-do list. Will update this post when we have any news, thanks for the patience!

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Yeah I hope you can find a solution. I have noticed the same issue with other crypto tax solutions so would be great if you can be the first to have fees imported correctly from Bitpanda.

The Bitpanda API integration was updated on July 20th so that BEST fees are now saved together with the transaction instead of a separate Send transaction.

You will need to delete all previously imported transactions from Bitpanda and run the API sync again to have this update reflected.

Let us know if you have any other questions!