BTC, TRON, BSC, and Chia Wallet issues

As a new user I am attempting to get everything on my dashboard. Binance.US, Kraken, Coinbase, some CSV imports, all seem to be working. I need to go through transactions and tune, but before doing that I just want to make sure everything is up and accessible. In doing this I have run into some frustrations that I thought would be easy:

  1. I have BTC in a Ledger “Vault”. No transactions other than deposits. I cannot seem to get it to show up on the dashboard. I am not a BTC expert and I know there are various addresses associated with a wallet. How should I be approaching this to get the coins to show up on the dashboard? It says it is SYNCED, but the balance is zero with zero transactions.

  2. In MetaMask (or Trust) I have two BSC addresses that have been active. When I add those I just get an “ERROR” status as opposed to “SYNCED”. All other chains have been added without issue that are in MetaMask.

  3. I have TRON address with activity too. It seems to kind of be working but the area that would say “SYNCED” is blank and there is no import history. The transactions seem to be there, but this is an odd one out from the others, so I am not 100% sure it hasn’t failed in some way according to the dashboard.

  4. This is a super minor one. I have some early Chia mining rewards. For my Chia address it is only showing the later pooling rewards as opposed to the original whole coin rewards from day one.

Help to get this sorted would be greatly appreciated. I thought about trying to tackle them one at a time but took the route of getting them all out in the open here at once. I have been using Cointracker in the past, but they don’t have the chain support you do, and I do not believe I have ever received a reply from any questions I asked their support team.

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Hi there,
If you haven’t already, it would be best to reach out via the chat, since then we can check your API connections directly.

1. We get the token balance directly from the API, and I’m currently not aware of any issues with BTC addresses. If you used something like an xpub address, then perhaps the balance from one of the associated addresses are not showing up. That’s not an issue I have seen with BTC, but it’s something I would check.

If you have added multiple individual BTC addresses to the wallet, then perhaps you still need to select them in the Wallet Holdings section. I think it only shows the first added address by default

2. There’s currently a bug with the Metamask wallet and BSC. I have alerted the dev team about this but they haven’t gotten to it yet. The solution now is to add a “Binance Smart Chain” wallet from the wallet list instead, which will have no issue with the API connection.

edit: Actually, I just noticed the lead dev said that this was fixed last Friday. So perhaps you are having a different issue. Again, I would have to check your addresses directly

3. If the “SYNCED” tag is not showing up, then I suspect we were maybe not getting a clear indication from the API that the last transaction had been transmitted. But this is something I would have to check in Postman, so I can watch the raw data as the sync process happens. You can also try deleting this wallet and syncing again, because this type of issue can occur if there was a high server load for the API at the time of syncing

In the next update for Coinpanda, you will also be able to see the exact error message we received from the API, if there was any issue. Though this will mostly be useful for Exchange APIs, it will still save us all some time either way.

4. It’s possible that the API no longer sends all of the data, but this is a pretty rare occurrence. This would be quick to check if I ran some tests with your Chia address.

If you message us via chat, and make sure to mention this forum post, we should be able to sort this out quickly

Thank you for your help here. While this post was stuck in pending customer support helped out greatly. Everything is fixed minus Tron. It seems to be syncing more correctly than when I first was trying, but it still comes up with an ERROR instead of SYNCED.

Ah yes, I see the bug report for that now from Jesse. We’re still waiting for an update from the dev team, but Jesse will get back to you

The issue with Tron has been fixed now. I recommend deleting the wallet and re-adding it, to make sure everything is correct

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