ByBit API and CSV doesn't work [SOLVED]

Hi, only about 10% of the transactions are transferred to Coinpanda with the Bybit API. Unfortunately, via BybitBit CSV, I always get an error for the CSV file of the trade history. Does anyone know the problems? Unfortunately the support does not answer! best reagrds, Martin

Hello Martin!

We are not aware of any issues with Bybit API today, but we will of course look into this. We will try to have an answer posted here next week.

About the CSV file: Bybit has a bad tendency to change the CSV format regularly. We have support for 4-5 different headers from Bybit today, so if the file is not imported it means that Bybit has changed the format yet again. We will look into this as well.


We have identified the issue with Bybit API. It should be updated by Tuesday/Wednesday next week :slight_smile:

Hi, that sounds good. Thanks al lot! Greetings, Martin

Hey again, the Bybit API integration has been updated now. Everything looks good on our end after some testing. Let us know how it goes.

Hello :slight_smile: yes I have looked at everything yesterday and now the Tax Report looks very correct. Thank you very much, Martin

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