Cardano (ADA) Reporting Twice

When going through and trying to reconcile my transactions, I’ve noticed that my Coinpanda dashboard shows that I currently hold twice as many ADA coins as what I actually own. A few things that I should point out first:

  1. 100% of all the ADA I own is currently stored on Exodus and staked
  2. I have only ever purchased ADA from Coinbase or CoinbasePro
  3. I have never sold any ADA

In the example below there are 4 different “transaction” line items. The first and the last row are a withdrawal and deposit, respectively. However, these should be a singular event as it is simply a transfer from CoinbasePro to Coinbase of 138.380021 ADA. I don’t understand why these show as withdrawals and deposits to “unknown wallets” when clearly both exchanges are showing up as being correctly synced via API. The second screenshot below was taken from my Coinbase ADA wallet showing this transaction from CoinbasePro into Coinbase ADA wallets.

The middle two transactions in the first image are me then transferring this ADA amount (again 138.380021) from Coinbase to Exodus. Why are these showing up as two transactions?

To my understanding, this is why Coinpanda is showing I currently own 2x the ADA than I really do. How is this reconciled? This is just one example of easily 10 or more occurrences of this happening across multiple assets.

I look forward to working through this! I very much would love to use Coinpanda as a tracking software, but these types of issues make things quite cumbersome.

Thank you in advance!


The reason is probably because we had to update the Cardano API integration from scratch due to the previously used API service has been taken offline. This resulted in a breaking change so that all users need to delete all previously imported transactions → import from API again to avoid duplicates. We have communicated this both on our platform and in the instructions article: How to Report Your Cardano Taxes | Tax Forms

We do try to avoid breaking changes whenever we can, but sometimes it is out of our control since we are relying on third party services for blockchain APIs.

So to avoid duplicates, you will need to delete all transactions to Cardano wallet and run the API sync again! You will also need to delete the already merged Transfer transactions to Coinbase and also import from Coinbase API again.