Cardano Staking Address API Issues

I’m having issues with the Cardano Staking Wallet API:

  1. It says I have received NFTs, but I traded ADA for those NFTs. How would I include the cost basis of those NFTs?

  2. I’m seeing a lot of withdrawal/deposit into the account from itself (staking address to other self-owned addresses connected to the staking wallet). The stake wallet takes out of itself and then puts the ada back in to a related ada address. Compared to the daedalus wallet csv transaction export, it looks complicated/off.

Has anyone else tried to use Cardano API with success? Any tips? I might just try to manually do this…still wouldn’t know how to add a trade for an NFT though…

The staking rewards are done correctly, but the in’s/out’s are strange (as it’s connected to other generated addresses in the daeadalus wallet). Should I add all other connected wallets or should the staking wallet be enough?

I would recommend adding all connected wallets first as this is the first step in troubleshooting issues - all wallets involved should be connected in order for the system to be able to track down what happened.

If it still doesn’t show correctly attach a screenshot here so we can check.

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Hi there,

We have been working on improving the Cardano API integration, especially with regards to NFTs, for over two months now. We have a few pending updates left which I hope will be completed next week. I will suggest doing a complete re-import when this has been announced.

About NFTs: if you have bought a single NFT and paid with ADA, we will match this and import it as a single Trade transaction. However, if you have bought a bundle of NFTs, the transactions will be imported as ADA Send + a list of Receive transactions.

The only way to track the cost basis correctly is to edit the cost basis for the NFT Receive transactions by clicking the three dots icon → Edit cost basis. Unless you have a very larger number of transactions, this should be fairly quick and easy.

These multi-token/NFT transactions are causing some challenges as you can imagine. We will of course try to automate this in the future, but it can take a few months before we have any proper solution implemented.

About stake wallets: we are now simply importing all the transactions associated with the stake wallet address. If some of these transactions are internal transfers between different wallet addresses, we might be able to filter these out, but we would need to look more at this later. The best solution now is probably to tag the internal transfers as Ignore so that they are excluded from all calculations.