Cardano tokens

Please use this topic for reporting issues with identifying correct Cardano tokens.

We can fix all issues related to identifying correct token by providing us the following information:

NB! We need the token address and not the policy id. Example of link to Cardanoscan for ADAX: Token ADAX - Cardanoscan

Here are two more tokens that need to be added!

MIN: Token MIN - Cardanoscan
MINt: Token MINt - Cardanoscan

Quick note on this one…there’s actually a VYFI v2…this is V1 and cannot be subdivided into decimals. I can’t post a third link and the post I tried to add that included it got blocked as spam :frowning:

cNETA: Token cNETA - Cardanoscan
VYFI v1: Token VyFi - Cardanoscan