Cardano Wallet problems

Hi, I’ve synced a single-address Cardano wallet and the Wallet page shows current holdings but no transactions. Also the main Dashboard doesn’t show any ADA or Cardano tokens in my portfolio.

I’ve deleted all transactions and removed the wallet, and recreated it but it’s not working. The same thing displays on the web and the app.

Any ideas?


Hey Jazz - and welcome to the forum

This is an issue on our side and we have already been notified about this specific issue with some Cardano addresses. It will be a quick fix, but we probably must wait until Monday or Tuesday next week to update it.

I will post an update when it’s working again next week


All Cardano sync issues should be fixed now. Since I don’t know your address I can’t check it directly.

Please try to sync again, and if still some issues you can send me a DM with your address and we will check it.