Coinbase API discussion

All questions related to the Coinbase API can be discussed in this topic, such as:

  • Missing transactions/trades
  • Internal Coinbase transactions imported that should be ignored
  • Wrong identification of currencies
    … etc

Although our Coinbase integration is 100% accurate for most users, we have seen some cases where the calculated balance does not match the reported balance. Since troubleshooting this API is more challenging than other APIs because Coinbase doesn’t use API keys, we rely on user feedback to catch all minor bugs and issues to ensure 100% accurate import.

To keep this topic organized and ensure our dev team can look into the issues quickly, please include the following information when reporting a bug or issue:

  1. A screenshot from your Coinbase account showing the missing transaction
    (can also be from an alternative portfolio tracker or tax software)
  2. Details including timestamp and type of transaction
  3. If an imported transaction should NOT be imported, please include a screenshot of the transaction from your Coinpanda account and explain briefly what the transaction is and why it should not be imported