Common Issue with Wallet to Wallet Transactions

I’m trying to edit some smaller transaction issues. I find this particular issue all over the place. The issue is that the SEND amount for one wallet and the RECEIVE amount for another wallet are the same, so the transasctions aren’t being connected. The picture I’ve attached shows the issue. These are blockchain api imports…so it’s read-only. This issue presents itself many times in my account for many transactions.

What would be the quickest way to fix this issue? Create CSVs of the wallets and fix the issue there? Edit out the transaction and manually add two transactions that would connect?

If these are internal transfers between wallets you can tag both send and receive transactions as internal by tapping the three dots menu on the right and select “Mark as internal”.

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Thank you very much!

Curious if this is a bug fyi.

I read this documentation of yours:

Perhaps I’m wrong, but my transactions in the image shown above meets all criteria for your system to identify transaction internally.

The transaction hash is the same.
The receive is after the send time, but still within 12 hours time difference.
The receive is at least 80% of the sent.
The receive is not greater than the sent.

Perhaps this is a feature and not a bug, but because the receive is the SAME amount as the sent amount, it is not connecting the transaction. Either it is a bug or the documentation should be updated to reflect that the received amount should not be “greater than or equal to” the amount sent, rather than just “greater than”.

Appreciate all your all’s hard work and my experience with you all has been much better than koinly so far fyi.


Hi there! We discovered about 4 weeks ago that the Coinbase API provides the transaction hash for ETH and ERC-20 tokens in a different format. We had to do some corrections so that the hash was saved correctly. Perhaps you had synced your Coinbase wallet prior to this? If so, this should self-correct if you delete and reimport all transactions from Coinbase.

If you still see this issue, we will look into your account since these transactions should be identified automatically. The help article is up to date and with correct information.

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