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Good morning to everyone,
Unfortunately, although Coinpanda seems to work very well, it does not correctly calculate the balances of the “” wallets, neither “App” version, nor “Exchange” version (and this issue stops me from buying the service :scream:).

PS: I must replace the “.” (fullstop) in “” with the “_” (underscore) because the chat allows me just only two link! :sweat_smile:

In fact, the service seems that it misinterprets some transactions and duplicates others: for “Crypto_com App” I used only the CSV import, while for “Crypto_com Exchange” I used the API integration.

For example, I noticed these problems:
the “Supercharger” crypto deposits are not interpreted correctly (it is not a sending of tokens to another wallet but a simple deposit which produces a yield), the same thing for the passage of crypto between APP and Exchange and to the crypto_com card: these transactions often seems duplicated.
In fact, after importing the files, the balance of the Crypto_com App wallet is completely wrong! On the other hand, the Exchange balance is correct but does not display the CROs deposited in the “Supercharger”.

For your help, in some cases, I have noticed that some transactions are exported from Crypto_com App in two separate files: for example, if I purchase crypto with FIAT currency, that transaction will be found both in the FIAT transaction export file and in the Crypto transaction export file. In this case Coinpanda duplicates the transaction because it seems that it doesn’t understand that it is the same.

Best regards!

Hello, and thanks for providing all these details. That’s very helpful and makes it much easier for us to update the integrations correctly.

Crypto_com Exchange
We did a big overhaul of this API integration just a few weeks ago, and all transactions available from the API should now be imported. Unfortunately, the API does not provide all transactions and the only way to “fix this” is to add those manually for now. You said that CROs deposited in the “Supercharger” are not reflected, so this seems to be one (of many) limitations currently. Also mentioned here: How to Report Your Exchange Taxes | Exchange Tax Forms. You can also contact Crypto_com support and ask if they plan to update their API in the future.

Crypto_com App
This CSV integration is one of those we have to update continuously because new transaction types are added all the time and Crypto_com has not issued any documentation/guidance about all the different types. We have support for more than 70+ different transaction types and new ones are added each month. The only way for us to become aware of this is when our users message us in the live chat or here in the forum. So I hope you can understand that this is not a “bug” on our side.

These are now imported as Send/Receive. Are you saying that these are “internal” transfers within the App? Internal transfers within the same “wallet” should not be imported, so we will update this if necessary.

You also said that transfers between the App, Exchange, and Card are not handled correctly. Can you tell us more about these transactions in the CSV file? More specifically, what the “Transaction Kind” is for these different transfers?

I suggest we have to fix one “issue” at the time starting with what you mentioned, and then we can look into other things next.

Looking very much to hear back from you so we can have this fixed quickly!