Dashboard Enhancement

On your header of the dashboard, where you have total value and cost basis, can you replace cost basis in the header to the unrealized gain / loss value?

The daily change is actually the change in unrealized gain/loss but there is no context except the the red line in the graph.


Another aspect that needs a bit of improvement is on the right side of the dashboard. You post Total Proceeds, Total Cost Basis and then Taxable Net Income. The issue is that the flow of that is confusing. Total Proceeds less Total Cost Basis represents a capital gain / loss which is income as well.

Either add a line after Total Cost Basis and put a Gain/Loss line or just combine gain/loss and the other income sources (mining/staking/etc.) into a more complete / accurate “Taxable Net Income” What is represented now is actually not correct because Total Net Income includes short term gains/losses which you have separate. You only see this when you go to the details, but basically the summary is incomplete / misleading. Or rename the “Taxable Net Income” to a more appropriate title.

Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll discuss this with the team and see if there are some improvements that need to be made.