Dashboard Improvements

In its current state, the dashboard feels like it is missing some features. Personally I have two improvement proposals for things that I have seen most competitors already have.

Firstly, I would love to have more decimals shown for each coin/token on the dashboard. Currently the balance number often gets rounded and it has sometimes made me question if my transactions are wrong.
I know it is possible to see the exact balance by downloading the tax report, but I feel as though having it right at the dashboard would be more user friendly.

The second Coinpanda improvement proposal I have, is to add the average purchase price of assets to the dashboard. This also already exists in the tax report, but it truly is a hassle to re-download it every time you add more tokens to your portfolio and want to quickly have a look at your average purchase price.

I feel as if these changes would improve user experience and I believe they are probably quite easy to implement. Let me know what you think.

Hi and thanks for these suggestions,

I do agree that it can be helpful/valuable to show eight decimals instead of the four decimals that are shown now, but we decided to show only four to make the Dashboard page cleaner and improve the user experience. We will discuss internally what we can do about this. One idea from the top of my head right now would be to let the user toggle between four and eight decimals or add a setting for this on the Settings page. Would that be a suitable solution in your mind?

About the average purchase price: I do agree that this is valuable information we should display on the Dashboard. This is already calculated and included in the PDF report, so it will be a quick update to show this on the dashboard as well. We will look more into this soon and see how we best can update the Dashboard page design.

Thanks again for your suggestions, this is highly appreciated. Will keep you updated about any progress here in this thread.


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Sounds good with the togglable setting for the decimals. Looking forward to see what you guys come up with.
Thanks for listening to the community!

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To build upon this suggestion for the dashboard, to make Coinpanda more of a destination, on the dashboard you should add a few features.

  1. Make whether to display or include Fiat currencies a togglable option in the graph and even the portfolio listings. If you do not include, the data is excluded from the graph and the detailed positions.

  2. Add a column around unrealized gains / losses. The tax harvesting report is nice, but not nice enough for someone to buy Satoshi level. Its a feature that helps you be a destination on a more frequent basis (daily) as opposed to just a place to look at tax exposures.

  3. Wallet syncing is manually initiated. If you want to upcharge for something, upcharge for automated daily or every 12 hour wallet sync’s. For some of us who are miners, we get paid at random times, etc. and adding that automated sync feature does cost you money because of the increase in processing power, but that would be valuable to do automatically (I would pay more just for that feature).

More ideas to come.

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Thanks for these suggestions. Some comments:

  1. This is technically possible but will require some changes to the backend portfolio calculation. I am not sure if this is something a lot of users actually would use, but we will brainstorm some ideas to see how we can implement this in the best way.

  2. The tax harvesting page hasn’t been updated in over 1,5 years, so that definitely needs an overhaul. Adding this to the Dashboard page makes a lot of sense and we will explore different options for this.

  3. We have been planning to add support for automatic syncs, but it has not been a priority yet since we are working on many other important and big backend updates. This feature will definitely come next year, but I can’t say if it will be in Q1 or Q2 as of now. This is also a feature that will take time to complete because it will require us to make significant changes to our entire backend infrastructure.

We will post updates when we have anything to share later!

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