Defi Exchange trades not showing as trade transactions

In an Ethereum Wallet, I made some trades using DeFi exchanges that are not automatically being imported as trade transactions in Coinpanda.

Is there a workaround for this? Would I need to mark the DeFi exchange transactions showing as send and receive transactions as ignored and create a manual trade transaction?

Hey Jeff,
This issue is sometimes unavoidable. We update our code frequently, to account for all the different ways in which transactions are recorded. But sometimes the best solution is to import a separate Send and Receive transaction.

We’ve been working on a new feature that will let you select these separate transactions and merge them into a single trade. This should be relatively quick and easy to do.

We will always attempt to solve everything at the API integration level. But since these issues are sometimes unavoidable, we decided to implement the merge feature.

But for the time being, the best solution is to ignore the transactions and create a Trade, as you said.

Feel free to reach out to us via the support chat. The team could take a closer look at the transactions in question, and check if we might be able to update our code

Ok I will try this workaround

some of the transactions are for a Token that is no longer active on Coingecko. I’m not able to manually create the transaction through the web form for the inactive Token. Do I need to create the manual transactions via CSV import?

Hey Jefflai,
We still have the prices for a lot of delisted coins, but I will need to check the database. We don’t have all of them, and we might have to edit the coinID, if your token is not detected automatically.

A custom CSV is always a good fallback for these kinds of issues. But the support team can always look at the details of your issue and provide an easier solution when possible