Defi lending/borrowing transactions

Good morning,

I’m new to Coinpanda. I’m now adding my wallets/exchanges, but I have a few doubts about how to handle some types of transactions.

One important issue is related to lending/borrowing activities on Aave (I’ve positions in different blockchains, but the question is the same). I see that, for example, when I took a loan (i.e., borrowed stablecoins from Aave) there are two ‘receive’ transactions related to the same event: one reports the amount of stablecoins I’ve borrowed (let’s say 10000 usdc on Polygon), the other reports the same amount denominated as ‘VariableDebtPolDai’. Now I am labeling the first type of transaction as ‘receive loan’, but what is the correct way to handle the second one? Should I (1) label as ‘receive loan’ as well, or (2) mark as ‘Internal’, o (3) anything different? What are the consequences of these different options in case of borrow/lending activities?

Thank you very much in advance for the clarifications

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Hi there Gianluca
For questions regarding how to handle your specific transactions, it is best to contact the support team directly.
We can’t really help you in the forum because there is not enough information to go on.

Also, keep in mind that we do not provide tax advice, and Coinpanda Support does not function as a tax advisor or personal accountant.

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thank you for your response. What support team do I need to contact?
If you could tell me the way I can safely contact a SAFE support team I would really appreciate.

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If you click on this icon at the bottom right of the website, it will open an encrypted chat connection with the support team


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