ERC-721 NFT sales not showing up

After I import my MetaMask Wallet, all ERC-721 transactions I did on the rarible contract only show up as NFT mint, but all transactions of these tokens won’t show up at all.

Any idea, why this is happening?
Txns of ERC-1155 NFTs show up correctly.

Hi Gandaru
Apologies for the late reply. My notifications got reset after we did a server reset for the forums. I should have expected that, but here we are…

I’m not aware of any issues with ERC-721 tokens. But if you reach out to our live support we can investigate

We have confirmed that there is a small bug with importing certain NFT auction transactions. Our devs will start looking into this tomorrow, we will post an update when fixed.


This bug was fixed this week. You can sync your wallet again and the missing ERC-721 transactions should show up.

Let us know if you have any other questions :slight_smile:

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