Exodus - VET vs VTHO Import


The API for the Exodus wallet pulls in all of the token transactions except for VTHO. VET is imported. Advice?



Hi Quint

It’s hard to say why this issue might be occurring without looking at the blockchain data and comparing the API response.
Such an issue is usually very fixable, but I would have to see the details to confirm.

If you reach out via chat or create a ticket in Discord, we can look at the details get a solution from the dev team.


Hi Ruben,

I just noticed that a deposit of VeChain into my Exodus wallet never included the associated VTHO. After I transferred my VeChain from Exodus to Binance.US, I now have a negative balance of VTHO in my Exodus Wallet. I am getting nowhere with Exodus because they maintain it is a self-managed wallet. Yet, Exodus continues to report a negative VTHO balance to my CryptoTaxCalculator. What can I do to resolve this matter? Thank you. JP

Hello, if you have determined that there is a missing transaction, I recommend to add it manually. You can do so using the Coinpanda generic template. Here are directions for this: Import of generic Excel file | Coinpanda Help Center

If half of an internal transfer (sending your tokens between your own wallets) is not imported, then this can cause negative balances. For example, the send transaction is imported but not the receive, then the software does not know that this is an internal transfer. What you can do as well for a quick fix, is tag the half that is imported as internal. This can clear negative balance warnings caused by internal transfers being mis read due to missing transactions.

The issue of missing VTHO transfers from API is not related to Exodus, but rather the VeChain API we use for importing transactions. The same applies to all API integrations with blockchains: we import transactions from the blockchain/block explorer API, and never the wallet provider.

In this case, the issue is simply that the VeChain API only provides VET transfers and not VTHO/token transfers. We have looked into other API providers recently but haven’t found a suitable service yet.

Until we find this or the VeChain team releases a better API, the best solution is most likely to use the Generic file template as suggested by Jesse. You can go to the block explorer and view all token transfers here: 0x74d1684EB5cb5d57A1eB4B8778bAd940e544B5D5 - Vechain account

Adding the token transfers to the Generic file will only take a few minutes and will give 100% accurate import