Exodus Wallet Support - ATOM, SOL, ALGO, AMP

Please add support for the Exodus wallet with the following assets via API integration:

Cosmos (ATOM)
Solana (SOL)
Algorand (ALGO)
Amp (AMP)

I currently hold several positions of these assets both within exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance.US, etc., but also within Exodus wallet. In addition to supporting these assets, please ensure there is capability to track what has been staked through Exodus as well. For example, I purchased ATOM on Coinbase and moved it to Exodus due to the fact that holding it there pays nearly double the rate for staking.

Thank you!

Hi there!

Currently, we don’t support the blockchains that you mention. Each blockchain must be integrated separately and we can only do that if there is a public API we can connect to. These APIs are often community projects and are not created/maintained by the actual team behind the blockchain.

We will do some research again and see if we can find an API that can be used. And btw, if you have seen any other crypto portfolio tracker (or tax software) supporting these blockchains, it means that we can do that too!

Will update this thread after doing some research later this week.

Oh, and btw, if by Amp you refer to the ERC-20 token (https://amptoken.org/) then you can import this using your ETH address. You can either create an Ethereum wallet on Coinpanda or a MyEtherwallet/Metamask/Trust wallet (etc) → select ETH for currency → add your public ETH address.

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Thanks for the reply! I wasn’t aware that the API setup must be as you indicated for things to work. That’s unfortunate and I hope you find a solution! Like I’ve mentioned in a separate thread, I currently have profiles with several other crypto tracking platforms, and so far none have these assets. One did mention to me that they were going to look into the support of ATOM, but at the time my feature request did not have sufficient votes to make it to the top of the list for them to work on! Sad day…

I CAN tell you that so far of the software platforms I’ve used, the Coinpanda interface and completeness of asset support is the best I’ve used so far. SO, keep it up! Looking forward to seeing ongoing features added!


Thanks a lot for the positive feedback :pray: That inspires us to continue working every day…!

We researched the blockchains you mentioned, and we will add support for Algorand and Cosmos in about ~2 weeks from now. We have a few more APIs to finish first.

Solana can’t be implemented as of right now, unfortunately. But we had a chat with some developers that are building on Solana, and it seems that they might release an API in the next 1-2 months. We will follow this project closely and add integration as soon as it becomes available to us.

We will update this thread when Algorand and Cosmos goes live.


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This is awesome news! I appreciate very much the hard work you’re doing. The more integrated these assets, exchanges, and wallets are, the more comfortable users like myself will be within the crypto world.

I look forward to your feedback on ALGO and ATOM! Also, I would expect that with the recent spike in prices for SOL, there will be quite a few new users soon. Hopefully you and the developers of that chain can work together on integration!

Thanks again for the reply. It is very nice to know I’m being heard! I have several more questions/requests, but I can handle those in a different thread :slight_smile:

Thanks Much!


Algorand API integration was completed last week - let us know if you have any feedback to that when testing.

We have almost completed the Cosmos integration, but our API service provider seems to have some issues with their servers/network as of this week. We have contacted them and are waiting for feedback on this matter. We will have the integration live as soon as they can fix the issues on their end!

No news about Solana since the last post, but we are following any updates from the Solana dev team closely.