GATE.IO Issue Import Issue


I bought less than 250$ worth of a coin with the ticker “MIST” on When coinpanda calculates my total it is showing I have about $84,000 dollars worth of it. It is throwing off my cost basis. Any idea why this could be happening? I am not finished importing all wallets, so hoping importing more will fix problem. I have tried to import GATEIO data both with manual CSV & API.

Any help appreciated and many thanks

I figured out that Coinpanda is looking at the coin in my csv called Mist, ticker Mist…and confusing it with the coin Alchemist, ticker MIST. Seems like a bug if I can’t choose between them. It’s throwing my cost basis off by a lot.


You should be able to choose the correct token. If there are two tokens in the system with the same ticker we usually set as default the one that has the largest trading volume. But you should be able to manually assign the correct token if needed.