Highest Balance Report and Form 8949 bug

I have a coin called RING (Darwinia Network Native Token). The transactions I have with it are not being ported into my Form 8949. Furthermore, when I click on my “Highest Balance Report”, it shows this token has a value of 400,000+$.

I did less than 1000$ in transactions with this coin, but it would be nice if it was in my tax report for April 15th, 2022 if possible (USA deadline).

If you look, darwinia network native token has never been above 4 cents. So with a quantity of 1081…I can’t see how this is so high.

I have no idea why it won’t port into my Form 8949 btw.

Thank you for your help!

Here it is in coingecko

RING is now on my form 8949. Not sure why it was off it (maybe because I was enabling/disabling it on my transactions and it took some time to calculate?).

In terms of my “Highest Balance Sheet”, ring still says a ridiculously high number…but if it’s not affecting the forms I turn into the IRS I don’t really care.


Hi J_G, I see this is the issue we’ve been talking about via live chat

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