Import tag and cost basis based on your internal tx id

I would like to import changes with this report

Atm most issues get fixed with deleting/resyning
Making changes manually is a pain, especially if you need to redo it.
You could use your internal Transaction ID to know what to update, if we have value in any column, then you add it as a change or something.
This way it would be very easy for me to set correct tag bases on wallet addresses etc.

Also these filter really need some work be be more useful, like be able to search a wallet address/contract and get up all transactions…, or just search up a transaction hash… or just allow me to type inn a date instead of a datepicker

Hi Vegar,

The improvements you mentioned does make sense, I’ll bring this up to the team to see if we can implement them. We’re prioritizing API / CSV issues at the moment but once we get some free time we might be able to implement these.


Please try and get search improved withing the next 4 weeks.
This is almost just as important as the imports, its so time consuming making corrections when we can search better.

Suggested search options:

  • wallet (so you get transactions)
  • transaction hash
  • coinpanda IDs (array/rows we copy from excel and paste inn), so we can use transaction history to find transactions we need to fix