Imported .xlsx files and Total Value and Cost Basis values are incorrect

Support, my Total Value, Cost Basis values on my dashboard are different from the details (Tax Reports) page of my tax year. The Cost Basis is 1/3 of the value and Total Proceeds look off as well.

I exported my capital gains report and it looks like it only imported part of my xlsx files/records, as there’s no data after Nov 11, 2020 - there should be trnasactions all the way through Dec 31, 2020.

Please help.

Hi there,

I’m not entirely sure if I understood the first part. The “Cost basis” value on the Dashboard page is the total acquisition cost of your current holdings. In other words, this is what you have paid for all your current fiat + crypto assets. This value is not shown on the Tax Reports page which only shows a summary of your capital gains and income for the selected year. The same goes for the “Total value” on the Dashboard page - this value is not shown on the Tax Reports page either. I will be happy to check this in more detail if you want, but it does sound to me that it’s just some confusion as to what the actual numbers are.

About your capital gains report: this could be a bug on our side if the exported PDF report or CSV files do not contain all taxable events during the tax year. We are not aware of any issues related to this, but I suggest to send us an email at so we can check this in more detail.