Internal transfer not recognized

I have some internal transfers between exchanges that are not identified. I have asked about this question in the chat before and was told you are working on an update. It would be great to have this fixed so that I don’t see the warnings.

Hi there and thanks for messaging us :slight_smile:

We are working on a big upgrade for identifying and classifying internal transfers. We do have a few tasks that we need to prioritize first, but we hope to have this done towards the end of July.

Let us know if you have any other questions

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Has there been a release of an upgrade for this? I am working through my 400+ transactions on the year so far and have quite a few that are unresolved issues. For example, see below. This was a transfer from my Coinbase exchange account to a cold wallet Trezor. Both of which are synced in my Coinpanda profile. Why doesn’t this show as an internal transfer and not a withdrawal and deposit?

FYI - I did check the “fee” with the Coinbase export, and if you subtract the noted fee amount from the Coinbase send, it equals the deposit amount in the Trezor_ERC20 line item, so this is indeed a transfer between my two “owned” locations and not a sell/deposit.

Thank you in advance! I understand this is a difficult process, but I’m pretty anxious about 400+ transactions on the year and having MANY unresolved issues like this.

You are right that these two transactions should be identified as an internal transfer. We had to postpone the update because of other higher-priority tasks, so the current ETA is sometime in September now. We can look into your transactions if they are still not recognized correctly after rolling out this update.

However, you can get around this issue by simply changing the Receive transaction to Deposit (click the three dots icon → click Mark as Transfer). This will now be considered an internal transfer.

I would suggest to also read our help article that explains this in more detail: Internal transfers between your own wallets | Coinpanda Help Center