IRS forms available when?

When can we expect to be able to generate tax forms for 2021 (IRS)?. Thanks

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The tax forms from IRS are usually not released before end of January at the earliest. Unfortunately we can’t export these forms before they actually even exist.

Once they become available then you should be able to generate the tax forms.

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Can you clarify what you mean by “before they exist?” I can download form 8949 from the IRS website and fill it in by hand. (here: but I of course don’t want to do that since I paid for coinpanda to do it for me.

Hi there,

We checked the IRS website just a few days before you posted the message 10 days ago, so the forms must have been released around January 11th or a few days later. We added these forms on Tuesday this week (Form 8949, Schedule D, Schedule 1) so you can export these now.

Why does it generate a blank page between each completed page of the 8949 report. 1 page has details and total at bottom, next page blank, 3rd page has details with a total, 4th page blank, etc. etc.

The report in PDF is 249 pages long. Can you take a look and see if its some kind of PDF generation issue or ? Thanks!