Is anyone using Coinpanda on a weekly or monthly basis?

I’m curious how everyone is utilizing Coinpanda? Is the intention to update and fix all transactions at the end of every year? Or is anyone keeping up with their transactions on a weekly/monthly basis?

I’m working though my 2021 taxes but would like to stay on top of my 2022 taxes and fix any mis-imported transactions, cost basis issues etc as they come in. However, I’m concerned about how to go about that properly.

I’ve seen in the support discussions where some people had to delete transactions then import a manual CSV. This is fine, but when I sync my wallets to get my newest transactions wont it re-import the transactions I deleted? Then I might have duplicates.

Am I thinking of this correctly? Or is there a better way to go about it? How should I (or can I?) approach syncing my wallet on a weekly basis but not screw up previous edits and imports that I made?

I use CoinPanda on an almost daily basis. I am a crypto miner so I want to make sure all my payouts are happening and that revenue is categorized properly by tagging it (so I don’t have 5,000 to tag at end of year).

If you are using the API’s, it does a really excellent job of deduplicating the transactions on import. I believe the same is the case for CSV imports so not sure that is a concern. It was with another tax solution, but CoinPanda seems to have developed safeguards (or so it appears).

I would seriously try to move to API and not rely on CSV unless there is an exchange / wallet problem. If there is, post about it so they can get that on their list. CoinPanda cracked a really tough API problem with CoinEx and made my life so much easier! Now I only use CSV for 1 of my exchange accounts and I rarely use that exchange so no transactions.

You are thinking of that correctly regarding keeping on top of things. I have raised up being more of a destination by helping monitor portfolio positions (what is in green / they already have what is in red). Hope they move beyond just the tax angle perspective. If I could just see what is in a positive position on the main dashboard… but that was another suggestions! :slight_smile: