Issue with SAITAMA INU in wallet / dashboard


Back in 2021 I bought a huge bag of Saitama Inu (one of these meme-coins) just to have some. Turned out, it never exploded, so I kept it … Now, when I import my MetaMask Wallet, the dashboard shows an astronomical high value due to the amount of the SAITAMA token, I kept HODLing … I figured the reason already. In June 2022, Saitama moved away from the image being a meme-coin and introduced SAITAMA INU v2 with a new smart contract and everything. I got airdropped a comparable amount of my original SAITAMA INU v1 holdings … however, the the value of the new v2 is way higher ($0.39 something, I last checked) … your platform/dashboard shows my v1 holdings with the Dollar-value of the v2 hence I got some $60m dollars listed, which is simply wrong … Please fix that …

The above link provides some background.


Hi Slippyvex,
I just looked into this and I see what the issue is. We mostly get our price-data from Coingecko, but sometimes Coingecko will delist a coin. In that case we keep that price-data in our database, so that we still have it available after the coin gets delisted.

It looks like Saitama Inu v1 was delisted, and v2 was then listed under the same ticker symbol. We still have the v1 prices in our database, but since both v1 and v2 have the same coinID, the prices are messed up.

This has happened with a few other tokens and we do have a fix for this. We can configure the database so that the v1 or v2 price is assigned on the basis of the timestamp of the transaction.

I can’t make this kind of edit by myself, but I will put this in the dev-queue for price related fixes

I also invite you to reach out to us via live chat. It would allow us to check your transaction data directly and confirm that everything is working correctly after we fix the price issue. The prices should correct themselves automatically once our database is updated.

You will probably have a transaction on the day that the v1-v2 transition was executed. It’s important to apply the Swap label to this transaction, to make sure that the cost-basis calculation is correct

Please have a look at this article regarding the Swap label: How do I account for token swaps (mainnet launch etc)? | Coinpanda Help Center

I had the same issue I decided to delete the Saitama transactions from the Wallet (for now).

I had the same issue and deleted the v1 quantity from the wallet. However, the dashboard is detecting the coins from the v2 layer. Although it looks fine, I can’t find it when I scroll through the wallet transactions. Are there any plans to make the dashboard coins link to the transactions?

The problem is that both of v1 and v2 are listed under the same tokenID. We’re working on a solution for this issue. I think we could add a feature that allows you to register a “custom token” in our database.
I don’t know right now when this can be implemented. There are some challenges with implementing this

We did just release our updated generic CSV format, which now allows you to override the cost-basis

The help article will be updated this weekend