Klever Digital Assets from KLV

Thanks for adding the new Klever Blockchain and wallet imports. At this time, Klever KDA (Klever Digtial Asset), the main Klever token in not selectable when importing wallet for KleverChain transactions.

Would like to be able to import Klever blockchain wallet transactions like other chains. Link to Klever docs if needed. For devs - Klever Finance

Hi there
I’ve let the devs know about your request. They are currently focused on finalizing the new website and mobile app, so I’m not sure how soon they could implement this integration.
I’ll have more news soon

In the meantime we could look at supporting the CSV from Kleverscan. You could reach out to our support chat and share your CSV, if you want to help out with that.

Hi @RudeBoy617 and welcome to the forums!

My best guess at this point is that we can have the API integration with KleverChain released in about ~3 weeks from now. We have a (long) list of other integration updates we first need to get through…!