Kusama Bug: Wallet & Dashboard Disagree


I added a Kusama wallet and synched it using the API. While I am in the “Wallet” section, it correctly shows my actual KSM balance in the wallet. However, when I click over to my dashboard, it shows a completely different number that is almost (but not quite) 10x my actual balance.

Thanks for looking into this.

We have a couple help articles that discuss this issue -

Hey Andrew,

What you need to do in this case is compare the transactions imported to Coinpanda with a Kusama block explorer and see if you can spot any transactions missing and/or imported wrongly. I did a quick check just now and I was not able to identify any issue or error in our API import. All the transactions reported by the API seem to be handled correctly (including fees).

So again, if you can pinpoint what you think is wrong, we can look more into it :slight_smile: