Liqiduity-In Coins Missing (and can't manually change)


I have some defi transactions that I’m having trouble manuallly editing:



Normally I am able to “EDIT” the coin and change it, however for liquidity in transactions that option is missing. For example, BLZD is not recognized but I am manually able to edit correctly to XBLZD. I’m less knowledgable on how defi works. Reading into it now, but any help would be appreciated.

Should I delete the transaction and create another one like it with correct coins? Not sure what MOOBLIZZARDBLZD-BNB is. I know BLZD is XBZLD, but that’s a single coin not a liquidity pair…

The mooblizzard is a beefy finance coin (yield aggregator) version of the XBLZD coin.

Hi J_G
Sorry for the delay. I’m not sure if you also reached out via live chat or not.

I’ve seen this issue before and it happens when the transaction is recorded on the blockchain in an unusual format/method.

We can fix these, but it requires an individual update for this specific type of transaction. We do 2-3 of these updates per week, in batches.

But for the time being, the safest way to proceed is to delete this transaction and replace it with a manual one. Since this involves a token that is not in our database, it would be best if you used the Custom CSV method.

You can use the template in this sample file: coinpanda_generic_file - Google Sheets

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