Locking tax year

This only matters toward beginning of year, but if there is a way to lock what year you want to look at (or just have it default to the current year). When I log in or navigate away from dashboard, it resets to FY21. Can it default to FY22 now or have it selectable for which year to default to?

Hi there,

Both the Dashboard + Tax Reports page will default to the previous year since this is the most relevant year for most users. For example, people using our site today are mostly interested in their tax numbers for 2021, etc.

I do understand your suggestion, and we can probably add a setting for this on the Settings page. That shouldn’t be complicated, but we need to see if we think this is a good feature to add or not. It takes only two clicks to change the year on these pages, and my theory is that most users would be OK doing that.

I have added it to our roadmap now though!

I would love this feature too… please!

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The argument somewhat goes to who do you want your audience to be.

Yes, this is a tax solution today. Nothing in your name says “Tax”. I use this as a portfolio management tool since being a crypto miner, I get deposits at different times, different wallets, different coins. You have the data already, you already solved the hardest part.

By creating different visuals, you could answer questions like “how much BTC did I mine in this quarter” or other creative questions that takes your product in a whole new direction for different reasons. This puts you into the CoinTracker space as a portfolio manager, not just tax. Don’t limit yourselves! :slight_smile:

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Appreciate the suggestions @seaturtlemining! Keep them coming!

Here’s a link to our roadmap as well - https://feedback.coinpanda.io/