LUNC - Luna Classic Blockchain - need full transaction history-multi year for an accounts

It appears for tax year 2022 if did not get history for Terra.Finder one is only able to get the first 500 transactions. It appears that a full history exists at Rebel Station. Will this or other database be pulled by CoinPanda so Terra/LUNA users can obtain a history of transaction for 2022 and prior? Thank you.

Hi Scott
I was not yet aware of Rebel Station. If it is possible to export your transactions to a file, we will certainly be able to support it.

I will work on that, and I’ll get back to you

Hi Rubin,
I am unsure how to export information from Rebel Station. It looks like their explorer is a clone of Terra.Station, Perhaps you can apply the same code previously used to extract info from this explorer? In any event, if helpful, my terra (classic) address is terra17ytk9ty3gsg4955wh8pwuguvrr2r0ffr5tr6vl

Please let me know how I can assist. Thank you.

It looks like they don’t offer a CSV export feature. I also can’t find any API documentation, so it’s unlikely we will be able to obtain data from Rebel Station.

It looks like is still able to export files for Luna1, although very slowly

I think our best bet will be to support their current file format