Make CSV file readable

Can i get assistance with the csv-file from my wallet? I fail to make it readable for coinpanda. It is a challenge to insert the right data from the file to be read by coinpanda.

In my experience it’s best to use the default template they provide and delete all but the first row. Then, after inputting your own data use the paintbrush in excel (copy-format tool) to format your data based on the original. You can delete the first row at the end before you submit.

Perhaps you have already gotten help from our support staff, but if you are trying to upload a CSV exported from an exchange that is not supported, it’s best to reach out in the chat so we can look into it. We can normally add support for new files pretty quickly.

If you are trying to enter transactions in the Generic file, you should look at the example transactions in the file you can download from the Help article here: Import of generic Excel file | Coinpanda Help Center

The suggestion from @J_G might also help, but it won’t fix issues with wrong transaction data entered in the file.

Let us know if you still have any questions!