Maya Protocol

Please add support for @Maya_Protocol (Twitter handle), a friendly fork of Thorchain that recently launched. They currently support native swaps between $BTC, $ETH, $RUNE and this month $DASH. Moreover, they will add pools for $KUJI, $ARB and $ADA in due time.

Website: Home - Maya Protocol

Docs can be found here: How To - Maya Protocol One-Stop-Shop

Note that the protocol already has two Block explorers that I wanted to post here too, however, my account is still restricted concerning posting links since it is new :slight_smile:


We ran into some issues with Thorchain API, which is very complicated to work with. But we should be able to get Maya transaction data from the same API.

I will ask the devs to look into that, though I’m not sure when Thorchain is scheduled to be updated. There are some critical tasks pending with regards to the mobile apps, and some API updates are delayed

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Hey! Lead business development for Maya here! Let me know if we can help with anything.


I will let the lead dev know.

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Hey there
We have added Maya protocol to the wallet list now, and you should be able to connect your address.
The integration is still in beta though, and there are some higher priority tasks pending for the API team.
If the demand increases, then this will be bumped up in the dev queue

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That’s awesome thank you! Already announced it in the community.

Are you Dutch btw?

Ok, cool!
I am Belgian