Merging transactions.

Is there an easy way to merge transactions. I am trying different services other than Koinly. Was going through my transactions, and noticed some were not merged, and some were. Is there an easy way to merge ones that were not?

Hi Korgen,
Apologies for the delay.

Coinpanda will automatically merge transfers, but the transactions need to meet certain criteria for this to be possible

You can read more about this here: Internal transfers between your own wallets | Coinpanda Help Center

If these criteria aren’t met, the transactions will be imported as-is, which will be a Send and Receive transaction, which are treated as a taxable event.

Exchanges don’t always record timestamps with the same method, so it can happen that the Send transaction is recorded later than the Receive. ← In this case you can edit the timestamp to put them in the right order

In other cases you can mark the transaction as internal, which effectively changes the Send to Withdrawal, and Receive to Deposit. ← This will correct the calculation.

@Korgen since it was not clear if you were referencing internal transfers (like Ruben explained) or merging of Trade transactions, I will comment on the latter:

Currently, it is not possible to merge a Send + Receive manually. This has to be implemented in the code from our side. However, there are different scenarios where this is not always possible, so we are working on a new feature update where you can merge different Send + Receive transactions to Trade transactions with a few clicks.

Keep an eye out for this in the next few months!