MEXC CSV import fails if Fee is 0

I am experiencing an error in MEXC CSV import when Fee is 0 or blank.

MEXC previously held a campaign to reduce the Fee to 0 for Spot transactions.

Please modify the system so that there is no error even if the Fee is 0.


Incidentally, MEXC API import is also not working properly.
Perhaps the reason may be the same as CSV import, so please check this as well.

Hi there,

The issue with the CSV file should be fixed soon. We already have a few pending CSV updates for MEXC to support the new file formats and will check the spot history file as well. ETA next week

Regarding the MEXC API, we are not aware of any issues at the moment. Could you add API keys to the wallet in your account so our devs can debug this?

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Thank you for your response.
I am waiting for the CSV import issue to be fixed.

Sorry, I just realized that when importing via API, you can only retrieve history for the past 30 days and 90 days.

It seems that only a part of the history was being imported due to this.
my apologies.

I have just imported the MEXC history via the API, so please check back if necessary.

Yes - the MEXC API is pretty much useless due to these limitations. We will write up an in-depth guide for MEXC after first completing the CSV updates. It should be possible to import all historical transactions ~100% using this method.

We will check the API also just in case there are some updates we can do.

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What is the progress on fixing the current MEXC CSV import issue?
My tax return in Japan is due by March 15 and I am working on it.
Is it possible to correct the problem before then?

Hi again, and sorry for not replying earlier

Checking in our logs, I see that the issue with fee = 0 was updated on March 18

I hope you were able to get your tax report before the deadline and that this issue didn’t cause too much trouble for you. We always have a huge list of CSV and API updates we need to work on every day, so sometimes it can take a few weeks before any reported issues get fixed.

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