Mining Production Module

I would pay an extra $100 or more a year for a set of reports that help understand mining production.

For example, what is the coin deposit trend by day, by week, by month, etc.

Basically you have the data, just need the visualization that goes with it. Not sure if this would be useful for Trader’s but may be useful for Stakers to see their staking rewards discretely on a trend over time type visual and maybe with an export capability.

Or be able to filter in a way that give you a sum of transactions. I want the quantity and cost $ value for all BTC “mined” between 1/31 and 1/31. And not make me use a calculator to come up with that number.

Its an analytics module (maybe that is the thread to expand revenue). A larger $100 a year analytics module that has more advanced analysis of the data so we can cut it 18 different ways and see trends and patterns.


I’ve added this to our feature requests list and will discuss it with the team to see if there is a demand for this so we can consider it.

I thought about this a bit more. This is more of an advanced analytics module (not specific to mining). Its anyone who wants a more detailed breakdown of gains / positions / etc. within timeperiods, specific investments, etc.

Make it an add on. Others don’t have this option that I have seen so its definitely an opportunity to differentiate.

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