Missing token (JOE)

Hi, the software won’t find the price for $JOE. Here’s the Coingecko link : https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/joe


Hi there
We do have this price in our database. Can you check if perhaps your transactions occurred before the coin was listed on 2021-08-09?

Otherwise you will need to message support chat so we can check your account

Hi, thanks for your answer. I looked into my JOE transactions on Coinpanda and the ones for which it can’t find the price are the JOE transactions on Mantle network. I know that JOE launched very recently on Mantle. Do you think that this might be the issue here?

Hello. The blockchain or network that the token is on will not effect the price data at all. As long as the token is registered in the database and Coingecko has the prices listed then the data should show with no issue. If there is still an issue with JOE, please message us in the chat once logged in we can check for you.

I confirmed we are missing a price database entry for the Mantle contract address of JOE.
This should be fixed in a few days

The database has been updated now. The token will be identified the next time you Sync