Missing tokens :-)

Please add these missing tokens
Added coingecko link for you Hope it helps

All of these have a “staked” version too.
Maybe when trading to these it should be tagged ad “sent to pool” ?
Not sure its possible to track how they grow in size with transactions until you take it out
But since you can see total in wallet the coin value should show in tax form. For countries that need to pay taxes for values over x value…



Charm (sCharm is coming soon too from what I understand)

Jade + sJade



HEC was already added…
Was reading my transactions wrong, my bad.


Charm was already in our database.
Jade, Xeus, and Gyro were just added now to the database.
Spartacus was added as well however there is another token with the same ticker (SPA) so this will have to be fixed by our developers on the backend. Should be done in a day or two.

There is something wrong with USDC or/and HECTOR…

Trading is giving me huge gains

Here SHEC have value, but HEC dont…

USDC: you are seeing a gain because the sales price (34,877 kr) is higher than the acquisition cost (25,191 kr). I assume that you think the acquisition cost for USDC is wrong? You can open the transaction detail modal and see how the cost basis is calculated.

SHEC: The HEC received doesn’t have value because the value is calculated from the coin sold (SHEC) which doesn’t have any price data. If this is not a taxable transaction you can choose to tag it as Swap for example. You can also manually change the value by clicking “Edit proceeds…” from the transaction menu.

HEC and SHEC (staked HEC)
Value of HEC and SHEC should be the same, since SHEC is just HEC staked.

Important OHM fork and how staked is handled, since all my trads last month or 2 have just been this type of tokens/coins

IF SHEC did not have any price data, I would have gained 25k in profit, not loose.
Atm it looks like HEC is missing price data.


I see now what you tried to tell, the list shows this in a very confusing way.
But still something funky with price, see next post

The values is changed today…
So looks like HEC price is wrong…