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Is there a guide for NFT purchases? I cannot find any topics in the knowledge forums. Using a custom excel, how would I import transactions for Cardano NFTs ? The transaction type would be “Trade”? Also, I have the sent currency (ADA), however, what would I put for the NFT receieved? Which column? The address of the NFT? (in my case: asset1826wmruy54pamuq0fnx7q8usxefmls7ef7l03u). Any guidance is appreciated.

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Have you tried importing the transactions instead through API using the public address for Cardano instead of a CSV file?


Thanks I was able to easily sync my daedalus wallet when I used my staking address.

We have not yet published any NFT guide, simply because we have been too busy implementing support for NFTs and other things! We will definitely get around and write a few articles that explain how to import NFT transactions and a checklist to make sure the tax calculations are as accurate as possible.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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