Nodes - Costs, Fees and Rewards tax reporting

I own a few strong nodes. I want to report the cost of creating the node as Costs and the rewards that I receive from nodes as rewards. As such I marked all the appropriate transactions as Costs and few other as rewards.

The tax summary shows everything properly but the CSV file that I download for Turbo tax does not deduct the costs from my taxable income. It shows everything as capital gain/loss (short term/long term)

For example the tax summary shows
Net capital gains = $200,000

Rewards, interest and income = $80,000

Costs and margin fees = $100,000

How can I get a deduction for the $100K costs? The CSV file doesn’t separate the costs anywhere. Can someone please help?


Hi there,
We had some issues with the forum server, and they were resolved a few days ago. I missed this message.

If you contact us via the live chat we can access your account and examine your files in detail :+1: