Please add Algorand ASAs

Please add the following Algorand standard asset. All of these are on the Algorand blockchain:

Algogems $GEMS
Lunar Coin $LUNAR
Kitten Coin $KTNC
Algocatz $NEKO
Tinychart. $TINY
Choice Coin $CHOICE

Most of these coins aren’t listed in Coingecko’s database so we are unable to add them however we will be adding a feature soon where the token info can be pulled using the contract addresses instead which will also allow users to be able to add tokens on their own.

Any idea when that feature will be added?

It’s currently being tested now so best bet would be in a couple weeks at the latest. Most likely would be earlier than that if everything goes well without any issues.

Can we connect to discuss some other issues I’m having with missing transactions? I’m unable to find the link to send DM so please send me one if possible. Thanks!

There isn’t a link to send a DM since this is a forum but if you need to you can send us a message at